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Dupa ce termin Dance of Dragons…

Urmeaza Wheel of Time – o serie fantasy de 13 volume cu influente din hinduism si budism.

Avand in vedere ca volumele au intre 700 si 1000+ pagini, o sa am de citit pana cand o sa apara si urmatorul volum din A Song of Ice and Fire. :-”

“The series draws on numerous elements of both European and Asian mythology, most notably the cyclical nature of time found in Hinduism and Buddhism and the concepts of balance, duality, and a matter-of-fact respect for nature found in Daoism. It was also partly inspired by Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace.[4]

The Wheel of Time is notable for its length, its detailed imaginary world, its well-developed magic system and a large cast of characters. The eighth through thirteenth books each reached number one on the New York Times Best Seller list. As of August 12, 2008 the series has sold over 44 million copies worldwide[5] and has spawned a computer game, roleplaying game and a soundtrack album. The television and film rights to the series have been optioned several times, most recently by Universal Studios.”

Cele mai sexy / erotice romane din toate timpurile – lista a Playboy

(Imi place la acest top faptul ca sunt carti, in general, cunoscute, de beletristica. Nu pun accent atat pe pornografic – cu unele exceptii gen Povestea lui O sau Lolita – ci pe tensiunea erotica/ambient/atmosfera)

1. Fanny Hill: Povestea unei femei usoare – John Cleland
2. Amantul doamney Chatterley – D.H. Lawrence
3. Tropicul Cancerului – Henry Miller
4. Povestea lui O – Pauline Reage
5. Crash – J.G. Ballard
6. Interviu cu un vampir – Anne Rice
7. Complexul lui Portnoy – Philip Roth
8. Magicianul – John Fowles
9. Cronica pasarii-arc – Haruki Murakami
10. Endless love – Scott Spencer
11. Lolita – Vladimir Nabokov
12. Carrie’s Story – Molly Weatherfield
13. Fear of flying – Erica Jong
14. Peyton Place – Grace Metalious
15. Istoria ochiului – George Bataille
16. The end of Alice – A.M.Homes
17. Vox – Nicholson Baker
18. Rapture – Susan Minot
19. Singular Pleasures – Harry Matthews
20. In the Cut – Sunsanna Moore