Servicii misto de tot de la nVidia

Vreau sa-mi iau o noua placa grafica, intrucat vechea mea 9600GT nu (prea) mai face fata avantului tehnologic. Asa ca am cautat io nitel pe si mi-a placut modelul GTX560 – performante bune la pret acceptabil.

E, toate bune, pana m-am lovit de o intrebare – ba, este sau nu compatibila cu rabla mea? Ce placa de baza am?

Fiind deja 10+ seara nu aveam chef sa desfac computerul, am downloadat niste software, am aflat ce placa de baza am. Boooon… Mai incolo insa m-am lovit de o problema pe care n-am reusit sa o depasesc – placa mea ESTE sau NU compatibila cu tehnologia. Am cautat pe forumuri, search-uri (experte) pe Google…nimic. Nici chiar pe site-ul AsusTEK nu se afla modelu-mi de placa de baza!!

Intru pe nVidia si, din link in link, ajung la suport – relatii cu clientii, LIVE. Nu am mai apelat la NIMENI live, sa ma sprijine si, nah, am zis sa give it a try, ca puii mei.

Spre placuta-mi surpriza, mi-a raspuns cineva FIX in 10 secunde. Mai mult, am primit dupa dialog, pe e-mail, transcriptul dupa dialog! SUPER TARE!!!

[01:27:27 PM] Hi, my name is Srivathsa. How may I help you?
[01:27:48 PM] Alex Goaga: Hey Srivarhsa, I`m Alex, I have a compatibility question, if I may.
[01:28:05 PM] Srivathsa: HI Alex.
[01:28:08 PM] Srivathsa: Please let me know
[01:28:21 PM] Srivathsa: I would do my best helping you with the query
[01:28:40 PM] Alex Goaga: I`m interested in replacing my “old” GeForce 9600GT with a newer GTX 560
[01:28:59 PM] Alex Goaga: the issue is – I dont know where to look and see if my Mainboard is COMPATIBLE with it
[01:29:19 PM] Alex Goaga: I have an ASUSTek P5L1394 mainboard
[01:29:24 PM] Srivathsa: Please let me know the model # of the motherboard you have
[01:29:31 PM] Srivathsa: Thank you
[01:29:33 PM] Srivathsa: :)
[01:29:44 PM] Alex Goaga: do I have to unscrew my PC to find it? :D
[01:30:21 PM] Srivathsa: As the motherboard has 1 x PCIe x16 the GTX 560 graphic card is compatible with it
[01:30:38 PM] Alex Goaga: so it should work just fine, yeah?
[01:32:00 PM] Srivathsa: Yes, definitely
[01:32:12 PM] Srivathsa: However, what is the power supply you have in watts?
[01:32:40 PM] Alex Goaga: hmmm…let me check…
[01:32:45 PM] Srivathsa: We need minimum of 450 W to run this card on the computer
[01:32:56 PM] Srivathsa: 500 watts would be a recommended one
[01:33:07 PM] Srivathsa: Please take your time
[01:33:19 PM] Alex Goaga: I took a note on that and Ill check it later on. Any other advices? : )
[01:35:30 PM] Srivathsa: Noting much, Ensure that you have above 450 watts, and incase less, please upgrade and as recommended please make it any thing above 500 watts
[01:35:40 PM] Srivathsa: Also,
[01:35:58 PM] Srivathsa: system will auto-generate and send a survey email to you, Please participate in this short survey and provide us your valuable feedback and rate our service on the scale of 1 – 10 (10 is the highest score and 1 is the least). We realize that your time is extremely valuable and we appreciate your feedback.
[01:36:34 PM] Alex Goaga: sure, I appreciate your professional help so, no problem! : )
[01:36:55 PM] Srivathsa: Thank you, Have a great day , Alex.
[01:37:22 PM] Alex Goaga: you too, cheers from Europe. : )
[01:37:33 PM] Srivathsa: Welcome. :)

ASTA DA serviciu de relatii cu clientii. Foarte tare, rapid, eficient, direct “de la sursa”. :-”

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