Miliarde de Terre

Cam atatea ar fi in Galaxia noastra, zice ei niste cercetatori eminenti. Si iminenti.

“Based on their census of those 166 solar systems with sun-like stars at their centers, only 2 percent of exoplanets will be the size of Jupiter, 6 percent the size of Neptune and 12 percent “super-Earths.” This progression led to the conclusion that 100 sun-like stars would be orbited by 23 planets sized between half of an Earth and two Earths”.

Din pacate…noi descoperim planete habitabile (ce-i drept la vreo 80 de ani lumina, ahem!), insa nu avem (inca) mijloacele de a AJUNGE acolo. Si cel mai probabil noi nu o sa mai traim cand se vor descoperi mijloacele necesare.
Si le-am zis alor mei sa ma nasca mai tarziu! Grrrrr…

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