Inca o dovada ca Star Wars ruleaza

“In a press release seemingly from a science fiction movie, a recently discovered planet about 200 light years from Earth reportedly orbits two different suns. This is the first time researchers have witnessed a planet with two stars, but researchers aren’t surprised at this discovery”.

Aici mai multe.

Prima oara cand cineva a indraznit sa presupuna ca poate exista o planeta cu DOI sori a fo’ prin ’77, cand un Gigi numit George cel Lucas a lansat filmuletul Star Wars. Pe atunci foarte multi oameni de stiinta au spus ca asa ceva nu este posibil – coliziuni iminente, forte gravitationale alandala (cum s-o scrie cuvantul asta corect??) etc.

Eh. Oamenii de stiinta (britanici, evident!) nu au fost…niciodata buni. :-”

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