Foarte tari! Rap battles

Batalii pe rime RAP! Arrrrtaaaa

[youtube AFA-rOls8YA&feature]

Chuck Norris – I don`t swim, water wants to be near me! : ))))

[youtube zj2Zf9tlg2Y&feature]

SI, bineinteles, preferatul meu, al tau, al prietenilor tai, al OMENIRIII…JUSSSSTINNNNN BIEBER! Vs…un necunoscut. Beethoven…something.
“Beethoven won befor the video was uploaded”
“Justin Bieber – gay, ok?”
“this justin bieber it´s still better than the real one”

[youtube UcTLJ692F70&feature]

Si doi oameni de stiinta… uai, nu ma mai satur! : ))

[youtube zn7-fVtT16k&feature]

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