Cum se scrie corect – Internet sau internet ?

Am cautat cate ceva despre cum se scrie corect I(i)nternet si in ce situatii este cu I sau cu i. Din mai multe surse. Exista din ce in ce mai multe discutii pe marginea acestui subiect.

“Internet with capital ‘I’ refers to the Internet as in the world wide web, and what most people think of when you say internet.

Internet with a lowercase ‘i’ refers to a bunch of small LANS connected together to form some kind of host-to-host packet delivery service. So basically Internet capital I refers to inter-networking at the global level. Whereas internet with a lowercase ‘i’ refers to it on a much smaller level.”


The argument for the use of a capital I is that Internet is a proper noun, referring not to “an internet” but to a specific, worldwide network that uses the TCP/IP protocol. Under this argument, capitalization is extremely important, because it clarifies which network is under discussion. Many major publications around the world follow this stylistic edict, including technical journals and publications put out by organizations which work in the field.

When people who spell Internet with a capital “I” use the lower case, they are referring to “an internet,” a distinct interconnected network. For example, many offices and schools use an internet to connect their computers directly with one another. This can also be called an intranet. This system, whatever one calls it, is often also connected to the Internet — or the World Wide Web — just to add to the general confusion.


The argument for web capitalisation is simple: there is only one Internet, just like there is only one Moscow. Sure, it’s made up of millions of elements but so is the Great Barrier Reef. Therefore Internet is a proper noun and must have a capital.


Examples of media publications and news outlets that capitalize the term include The New York Times, the Associated Press, Time, and The Times of India. In addition, many peer-reviewed journals and professional publications such as Communications of the ACM capitalize “Internet,” and this style guideline is also specified by the American Psychological Association in its electronic media spelling guide. The Modern Language Association’s MLA Handbook does not specifically mention capitalization of Internet, but its consistent practice is to capitalize it.[8]
More recently, a significant number of publications have switched to not capitalizing the noun internet. Among them are The Economist, the Financial Times, The Times, the Guardian, the Observer[9] and the Sydney Morning Herald.


CORECT gramatical este sa scriem Internet, cu “I” mare, cand ne referim la WWW, la Internet ca retea globala. Este corect sa scriem “internet” cu “i” mic cand ne referim la o retea anume (precum internetul de la InternetCorp.) :-”

Baietii de la Pegas nu-si fac treaba prea bine… [UPDATE]

UPDATE – la 12 ore distanta…

Cei de la Pegas mi-au dat ban total de pe Facebook. De ce? Pentru ca, vai mie, i-am deranjat si n-am fost destul de hipster pentru ei, cat sa le zic ca “uau, ce site cul si in Flash ordinar aveti voi!”. Pf.

Se pare ca al meu anterior post privind Pegas si site-ul nou creat nu a fost pe placul companiei.

Le-am lasat un comentariu pe Facebook, unde ei cereau feedback, si in el am lasat link catre post-ul meu de pe blog. Intre timp, Pegas a marcat acel cometariu ca fiind “spam”, vizibil doar mie si prietenilor mei. De ce? Intrucat nu era unul dintre cele mai magulitoare postari…aratandu-le faptul ca “bla bla mult” nu este tocmai ok sa lasi pe site-ul neterminat!

NU este DELOC profesionist sa ascunzi comentariile ce nu includ injurii!

Soooo…o sa stau cu ochii pe ei. Probabil cei de acolo se dau prea des pe biciclete si uita forta pe care o are social media in Anul Domnului 2013…

Mai jos, cum vad eu postul…

Pegas 2

si cum vede cineva care NU este prieten cu mine, pe FB… :-”

Pegas 3