M.Y. Videos

Bruce Dickinson – Darkness be my Friend

Diamonds & Rust

Blind Guardian – Past and Future Secret

Blind Guardian – The Bard’s Song

Con Toda Palabra – Lhasa de Sella

Craiasa Muntilor – compozitie proprie

Radio Head – Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Serj Tankian – Feed Us

Megadeth – Time (The Begining)

Tiamat – Misantropolis



Megadeth – Secret Place

Lament of Misery

Yodelice – Insanity

Death Cab for Cutie – I will Follow You Into the Dark

System of a Down – Aerials

Lake of Tears – The Homecoming

Radiohead – Creep

Tired of using technology

Nightwish – Kiss while your Lips are still Red

Voltaire – When You`re Evil

Temple of the King

Iced Earth – Consequences

Gogol Bordello

Metallica – Low Man`s Lyric

Luna Amara – Somn

Radiohead – Exit Music (For a Film)

[youtube E7W-fCxwj5Q&feature]

I am Kloot – Twist

[youtube btKkv1HGdbw]

Sepultura – Kaiowas

[youtube yiNdP28v_Gg]

Personal Gizas

[youtube PM-jcGWB0zY]

Placebo – Withou You I`m Nothing

[youtube vDmz8nTAo6E]

Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal

[youtube Tq1wiZH50Lo]

Amon Amarth – Guardians of Asgaard

[youtube YQFQb_rYqas]

Amon Amarth – Where Silent Gods Stand Guard

[youtube player_embedded#t=311]

Le Temp des Cathedrales

[youtube xT06SRXE7bE]

Placebo – The Crawl

[youtube SYMyUoy5c68]

Iced Earth Meddley

[youtube uCPwjcoc8Z4]

Nothing Else Matters – Metallica solo-uri improvizate

[youtube R1KtOoxpn-Q]

Blind Guardian – Harvest of Sorrow

[youtube rvlaJ7jEiiI]

2 Fiddler on The Green – Demons& Wizards

[youtube bJEtRKYXP0k]

Demons & Wizards – Heavy thing…

[youtube BphX8SVLERg]

Nightwish – The Islander

[youtube MxaBH-zc44c]

Metallica – Balade

[youtube bFFHoqKUJPM]

Metallica – Cover-uri Heavy Meddley

[youtube 2enb_4A0dko]

Metallica – Call of Ktulu, acustic

[youtube 93T0hMlJrug]

Robbie Williams – Road to Mandalay

[youtube o2xzApNPy6M]

Tiamat – Do You Dream of Me?

[youtube Cn2K9ae64M4]

Metallica – Low Man’s Lyric

[youtube hJ8BptkNcMI]

Iris – Vis Pierdut

[youtube Wt-axbcbSPc]

7 thoughts on “M.Y. Videos”

  1. Frate, cred ca ar trebui sa fi REVIZIONIST si sa incepi si tu sa cantzi MUZICA… hi, hi, hi… Pari un om normal, la prim vedere, dar asa-i ca nu-i asa?

  2. : ))) God, tre` sa pun un…disclaimer la un moment dat…ca nu vreau sa cant neaparat MISTO aici, ci doar sa ma…amuz! :))
    Doppler, pe bune, LIVE cant mult mai…bine…intrucat prestez in general melodii pe care nu le invat intr-o perioade de timp de 30 minute – 3 ore! :D
    Dar merci oricum, te puuuup!
    Si da, sunt FOARTE normal!

  3. Nu va inteleg…, omu’ canta super si daca voi incercati sa faceti asa ceva la chitara, mai ales cea acustica, esuati lamentabil!!!
    stiu asta pentru ca eu am o chitara clasica si o prietena are acustica, si nici nu se compara dificultatea de a canta la una acustica fata de cea de la clasica!! mai ales ca majoritatea melodiilor sunt cam grele…

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