Cum este in Coreea de Nord

Un articol excelent scris de fiica lui Eric Schmidt, seful Google, Sophie, despre vizita sa in statul comunist Coreea de Nord. Poti sa il citesti aici, poze pe masura!

Doar trei “pastilute” dintr-un articol excelent:

“Ordinary North Koreans live in a near-total information bubble, without any true frame of reference. I can’t think of any reaction to that except absolute sympathy. My understanding is that North Koreans are taught to believe they are lucky to be in North Korea, so why would they ever want to leave? They’re hostages in their own country, without any real consciousness of it. And the opacity of the country’s inner workings–down to the basics of its economy–further serves to reinforce the state’s control”.

“Three channels on the TVs: CNN International, dubbed-over USSR-era films, and the DPRK channel, which was by far the most entertaining. My tolerance level for videos of Kim Jong Un in crowds turns out to be remarkably high”

“Our trip coincided with the “Respected Leader” Kim Jong Un’s birthday. On that day, the little stalls that dotted the city and sold small sundries had long lines as they distributed treats.
When we asked how old Un had turned (29? 30?), we were told that “Koreans keep track of age differently” than we do. Alright, then”.

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