Autorul Game of Thrones intra in top exclusivist al Amazon

Baiatu R.R.Martin a vandut peste 1 milion de copii electronice ale cartilor A Song of Ice and Fire si a intrat astfel in top, scrie

Eu-s la penultima carte scrisa de el, urmeaza ceva cu … Dance of Dragons (sau ceva de genu`) si dupa aia tre` sa astept(am) inca … ceva timp pana le scrie si pe ultime doua. O placere, evident. :-”

In top mai sunt doar o mana de autori:

Lee Child—Killing Floor, Without Fail

Suzanne Collins—The Underwood Chronicles, The Hunger Games

Michael Connelly—Hieronymus Bosch novels, Mickey Haller novels

Janet Evanovich— Stephanie Plum novels

Charlaine Harris—Sookie Stackhouse novels (source for HBO’s hit series True Blood)

Stieg Larsson—The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest

John Locke—Two Treatises of Government, Some Thoughts Concerning Education

George R.R. Martin—A Song of Ice and Fire

James Patterson—Alex Cross novels

Nora Roberts—The Heart’s Victory, Angels Fall

Kathryn Stockett—The Help

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