Odori-don – mancare japoneza cu caracatita ce “danseaza”

Este in-cre-di-bil! Ce…inumani sunt…erm…oamenii.

Este socant faptul ca acea caracatita este MOARTA (recent) insa la contactul cu sosul de soia i se activeaza niste neuroni si incepe sa “danseze”. Dar ea este MOARTA!!!!!!!

“This Japanese seafood dish is called “Odori-Don” and consists of salmon,
seaweed and caviar – topped off with squid. The squid is recently dead, and when
soy sauce is applied to the squid, its neurons are activated,
causing it to wiggle and dance.
This is done to show how fresh it is at the table as a sign of luxury.
Japanese don’t consider this inhumane or cruel (as perhaps Westerners
would assume).”

[youtube dxQmOR_QLfQ&feature]

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